Cheat day at Motorino

November 19, 2017

Managed to catch up on treating myself this weekend in between eating clean, gym time, and travelling by spending a night in Genting Highlands.

Being able to have a lay in up in the chilly highlands and digging into peng Neopolitan pizzas at Motorino Pizzeria was calm I'm not gonna lie.

Headed up the highlands with two mates so man was sorted with a Pepperoni pizza (RM59) and an Egg, Bacon, and Chilli pizza (RM52).

Photos can only do so much justice here but these pizzas were PENG, full of flavour and made from scratch in front of us in the wood-fired oven imported from Naples, Italy.
Still in the process of rebuilding this blog but man's off on another trip this week! This time man's headed to Jakarta, Indonesia for even more cheat meals and that. Let's see if I can get some footage of my trip posted here, but until then Jakarta we ouchea!

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