Tegenungan Waterfall @ Ubud, Bali

March 31, 2018

Spending close to a week in Bali, Indonesia this week and swear I needed to visit the natural gems the island had to offer.

Nestled in Ubud, Badung Regency was the Tegenungan Waterfall that I visited during my trip. Many of yous may be familiar with this spot due to its renowned "Don't worry, be sexy" signboard that used to appear at the foot of the waterfall.

The signboard was placed in a corner when I went due to what I assumed to be low tide; visitors weren't allowed to swim either.

But with an entrance fee of only IDR 15,000, it had to be done init.


Additionally, visitors can pay an additional IDR 10,000 to get to the top of the waterfall; not too much more to be seen but cool for a photo or 12.
Back home to the grind for a few days, then man's off on another trip again - a longer one this time! I'll let you guess where, no prizes on the right guess though!

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