The Body Shop gives back this Christmas #EnchantedByNatureMY

December 07, 2018

For the masses who know me would know that The Body Shop is almost always my go-to outlet when shopping for personal grooming products and gifts due to its sustainable sourcing and reasonable pricing. And this happens extra frequent especially when it comes close to the Christmas season because The Body Shop ALWAYS introduces seasonal variations of their products and spruces them up with a festive packaging. Moreover, I was also blessed to have lived a stroll away from an outlet mall in the UK where The Body Shop had an outlet giving 40% storewide discounts whenever I bought over a certain amount of products.

Half decent photo I got with Darren and the team at The Body Shop during the event, clearly didn't get the dress code memo as usual

I was stoked to immerse myself in The Body Shop Malaysia's experiential evening with an enchanted forest on Wednesday along with some top editors, beauty bloggers, and social influencers (I'm neither) from all over. Members of the media experienced various fun filled activities of which some resembled with this year’s Christmas theme.

There were seven experiential stations which guests could enjoy such as Facial Art, Hand Massage, Personalised Body Butter, Connecting The Bio-Bridge, Gifts Review, Mad Hatter Theatrical Dessert, and Photo Booth. Going through each experiential station allowed guests to win a prize. To top off the excitement, guests were encouraged to review and share their product experience on social media which led them to be one of the top 10 lucky winners to win seasonal and limited-edition Christmas gifts.

As if the wide array of products at The Body Shop doesn't entice you enough; This Christmas, every purchase big or small with The Body Shop will help protect and re-wild over 10 million square meters of forest in England and Armenia. This will support World Land Trust and Woodland Trust as part of The Body Shop International’s World Bio-Bridges Mission. Without action, the wildlife in the Forest of Dean and Wye Valley on the English-Welsh border will become increasingly isolated and restricted to small pockets of disconnected woodland. The Caucasus Wildlife Refuge is located in a biodiversity hotspot and home to one of Armenia’s most threatened species, the Caucasian leopard. Protecting these forests and their precious wildlife means they can continue to enchant future generations with their revitalising beauty and biodiversity.

To further boast The Body Shop's sustainable deeds and why I love them, at this point I probably need to ask for some ambassadorship seeing I'm such an advocate, The Body Shop, beyond contributing to World Land Trust and Woodland Trust also made merry with fellow NGO’s partners whom they have been working with over the years by contributing to Sisters In Islam with RM31,673, Women’s Aid Organisation with 31,521.80 from the sale of Candles of Conscience, Association of Women Lawyers with RM6,217.40 from End Child Marriage, and Malaysian Aids Foundation with RM4,713.80 from the sale of condoms in our stores. The brand also donated RM400,080 to Wildlife Conservation Society through their Kick The Bag Habit campaign, whereby funds were generated from the sale of paper bags (RM0.50) should customers need them, or RM0.50 donated by The Body Shop if customers refuse a bag.

P.s. The Body Shop, if you're reading this, I've been a (very) good boy this year and just want your 2015 Christmas body butters to come back; Glazed Apple if I recall correctly. Do it and nobody will get hurt.

Image credits to The Body Shop Malaysia.

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